January 15th, 2015, 12:15 pm


Hi folks, bad news I'm afraid. Two weeks ago my laptop died a sudden death (black screen, no boot) and I've spent the time between now and then trying to bring it back to life. Nothing's worked, and though I'm not THAT devastated (beyond being annoyed at my own stupidity for not backing shit up), with my already busy schedule (I work full time in retail/marketing) things have been pushed back and back. I'm sorry for not putting a note on here sooner, and please don't think I've given up or lost interest in the story, I just need to buy another laptop and get photoshop installed. There's so much that's due to happen and so many people for Jed to meet, but for the time being West will be on hiatus. It shouldn't be a long one- in theory- and I'll put a message on here when I'm back on track. Thanks so much for reading the story so far and I hope you're all enjoying it. Please check back again soon! Cheers!

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